Are we on the verge of seeing a new Jaguar?

Are We on the Verge of Seeing a New Jaguar?

Every year we see automakers offering more of what we want to enjoy on the road. Sometimes that’s to replace models that we already have on the market and at other times it’s meant to give us a new set of vehicles to enjoy driving on the road. Either way, once the filing for a new model takes place, we begin to speculate what the next version of a vehicle will be and how it will be presented to us. The idea continues to be an improvement over what we’ve had in the past in order to have a higher quality ride.

Recently Jaguar filed a trademark in Europe for the Jaguar XS. This filing was done to give us a new model and originally the thought was that this new XS nameplate would be used for the car that would take on the BMW 3 Series. With the 2018 version of the Jaguar XE already offered on the road, we see that the new XS is not going to challenge the 3 Series, which leaves us to wonder which model the brand will kill off in order to make this new car.

Of course, the brand could choose to keep all the models already offered and add this one to the mix in order to give us another great model to enjoy. There is no reason that Jaguar couldn’t add another brand to the lineup in order to give us a car that we’ll want to drive, but there is one model that’s expected to be killed off to make room for a replacement. The model that’s being deleted from the market in order to make a new one is the XJ which may become a car of the past with a new model coming to the market.

The reason this is the place we expect to see a difference on the market is because the XJ is scheduled to be deleted from the market after the 2018 model year with the replacement coming the year after. That means we will see a new model that will arrive for the 2019 model year which might be the new XS that has been filed in Europe and may be exactly what we’re looking for on the market for the quality that makes a difference on the road going forward when the XJ is no longer offered.

Since this filing has taken place we will have to discuss over the next few years what this car will be and how it will fit into the market for us to enjoy a high-quality ride that works great for us on the road. This trademark was for an assortment of vehicles including autonomous models, EV versions, and hybrid vehicles to make sure we can know the XS will probably bring at least one of each to the market. Now, all we have to do is wait and see how Jaguar presents a concept model at a show in the near future.

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