Trying to Avoid Distractions

Trying to Avoid Distractions

If you’re insistent on driving without being distracted you’ll have a hard time completing the task if you used your GPS system on your phone or in your vehicle to get anywhere. Unfortunately, unless you’re driving a luxury car that has a Heads-Up Display unit installed, you’re going to avert your eyes to the screen in the center of the console to see which direction to go, even when your GPS tells you what to do. This is simply human nature to want a visual representation of what you’re looking for on the road.

Since you’ve made the choice to drive without any distractions from your phone, but you’re faced with this dilemma when you have to travel somewhere you haven’t been, there’s a solution. You can purchase a new product on the market that is quickly becoming one of the most necessary items you can find. That item is the HUDWAY Glass and it’s made by Kickstarter to be a new Heads Up Display (HUD) that you can use and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to look down for any of the information you need while driving on the road.

Currently, there are reports of more than eight people per day being killed in the US alone due to distracted driving. These distractions range from eating and drinking to parenting and looking at a cell phone. The most common of these is the use of a cell phone while driving, which has become a serious problem in the US. Even with the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you have to look down at the central screen in order to visually gather the information you need when out on the road, which causes you to be distracted while driving.

HUD technology isn’t new and has been used in jets for many years. It’s become more common in luxury vehicles, but the HUDWAY is acting as the people’s HUD that’s affordable and easy for you to install. This kit comes with a glass display piece, two mounts to fit either a flat or curved dashboard and that’s it. You use a GPS app, plug in your destination and put the app in the HUDWAY mode and then place your phone gently on the mount in order to use this system and head out on the road. With this device you can then see your speed, directions and any information you need directly in your view right in front of you.

Having a HUD unit in your vehicle will cut down on the number of times you need to look down to check your speed or directions. With this HUDWAY system, which costs less than $50, you can see what you need and keep your eyes on the road ahead. This helps you know what you need to and keep the information you need to in front of you so that you can continue to drive safely and have the right way to enjoy the drive you need to make while continuing to be a driver that doesn’t drive distracted at all.



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