05.15.17 - Hum Rider

The Car on Stilts

If you see the Hum Rider coming down the road you can be this is a car that won’t allow a traffic jam to stop it from going where it needs to go. The Hum Rider is a car that has become famous around the internet as a vehicle that’s been making headlines as a PR vehicle that can clear a car the size of a Honda Civic on the road. As an amazing feat of engineering and building prowess the Hum Rider is a car that you’ll certainly see as one that garners your attention.

This car has been built by a pair of master engineers that are easily overqualified for the job. First is Scott Beverly who has worked primarily on mechanical movie props such as the tumbler Batmobile that was one of the most impressive vehicles to ever be used in a movie. The other and is Art Thompson who helped to build the B-2 bomber when he worked for Northrop Corporation. The build of a car that can lift up on stilts in the middle of the road was almost a project that was beneath both of these men, but they took on the challenge anyway.

The Hum Rider was built from a Jeep Grand Cherokee and used a variety of angled metal, several gallons of hydraulic fluid and the engineering you would expect when you put two experts together such as these men. The design involved using four thin motors that are lodged in the wheels to make the vehicle move forward and backward in a similar fashion as a heavy lifting machine on a construction site. This car is similar in weight at more than 8,000 pounds and it can only travel at around 15 mph when elevated in the air.

The build and design of this vehicle is much like what you expect to see on the market today with the used of CAD software. The use of the Solid works software helped this pair invent the Hum Rider and have the parts cut and etched the right way with the use of a variety of impressive machinery to create the parts needed to make a vehicle that could lift up off the ground in this manner. To listen to Thompson speak about the advancements he’s seen over the years gives you a feeling of the amazing way we can handle what we want to on the market today.

The Hum Rider may be a PR stunt and a vehicle that simple shows what can be done, but imagine what could happen if these were made to be a mainstream offering for everyone to enjoy on and off the road? While you think about that, take a look at what the Hum Rider happens to be and how much fun it could be on the road by checking out this video that shows you what the Hum Rider is and how it drivers over the top of other cars in a traffic jam.

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