03.20.17 - Saab AiroX Autonomous Concept

A Supercar that Could Have been Built by Saab

For many years Saab build cars that we loved to drive which had dynamic powertrains and a variety of impressive features that can make a huge difference on the road. While this brand has been out of the automotive market for a few years now, they have been and have always been part of the aerospace industry. There is a rumor swirling that Saab may be ready to head into the automotive industry once again which has caused one company to do something that Saab should have done long ago.

One of the best ways for European companies to show off what they can do and what the pinnacle of their impressive research and development offer is by creating a supercar, even if it’s only a prototype that never makes it to the production line. Saab never was one to do this as they made sensible but enjoyable cars that we loved to drive with an engaging lineup of designs and models that were fantastic on the road. Thankfully, one company did go to the trouble of building a supercar that could have been created by Saab and offered as an example of what this company has to offer us.

The team at Gray Design, upon hearing that Saab AB was considering a venture back into the automotive world, created a model called the Saab AiroX Autonomous Concept even though the vehicle wasn’t actually built by Saab. The team at Gray Design imagined this new concept would be what a supercar from Saab would be by bringing inspiration from the history of the company as an aircraft manufacturer and the automobiles that Saab offered during its history. This may be the first look at what the company could offer while using their advanced AI technology that’s been developed for the aerospace industry.

This new concept model doesn’t look anything like what Saab has ever created except for the look you see on the front grill. The focus of the AiroX is similar to what we see on most other supercars which is the aerodynamics and the way the car can rip through the air at high speeds. The spoilers are dynamic and able to direct the airflow and downforce where it’s needed to ensure the best cornering and stability of the car when it’s being driven around the track at the high speeds desires.

The current concept is being powered by a high performance electric propulsion system that can reach sixty mph extremely quickly. The ride is also expected to be smooth and perfect in this car but it’s still only a concept and not a real Saab model. It’s possible the team at Gray Design could partner with Saab as they come back to the automotive world, but it’s still too early to say this will happen or it won’t when it’s time to bring this car to the market, but this story is one that we can follow with interest as we see Saab AB make its way back to the market.

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