Roush Tuning in the Mustang

Roush Tuning in the Mustang

Roush Performance has a strong history with the Ford Mustang and recently brought an improved and upgraded model of the 2018 Ford Mustang to the SEMA Show to give us a look at what this new version of the car would be. Prior to the show, there were teaser images offered and suggestive videos that we were able to enjoy and admire, but now that the show is over and we have a chance to think and look back, we can take more about what the team at Roush offered for the fun in this car.
The teaser image that featured a “2” badge suggested it was a Roush Stage 2 package that was created for the Mustang GT that was included in this car. This means the new model would be equipped with new aero components and suspension upgrades to make it a car that offers more fun on the track while making full use of the current powertrain that’s offered in the Ford Mustang. As one of the most tuned up models on the market, Roush has been one of the biggest names that add items to the Mustang to make it more fun for the drive.

Performance Matching Partnership

The Ford Performance and Roush Performance teams got together and developed something for the current Mustang that would give it more of what we want under the hood. This is the all-new supercharger that was added to the model that was brought to the SEMA Show recently. With this new supercharger attached to the 5.0-liter V8 engine, the Mustang GT is upgraded to 700 horsepower and 610 lb.-ft. of torque. This item was also used in the F-150, which uses the same engine, and the power of the truck increased to 640 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft. of torque.
This new kit that was created as a supercharger for this already powerful engine is offered as a kit that has all the necessary hardware and calibrations that can make it possible for this item to be added to the Mustang GT. This kit also comes with a full warranty if it’s installed by a Ford dealership or an ASE certified service technician. This means you can have the upgraded performance and power that comes from this addition to the car and still enjoy the coverage of a warranty that will guarantee the performance of this amazing car.
As a partnership that reaches back for the past twenty years, this new creation will be offered through Ford dealers for the 2018 Ford Mustang to be able to be upgraded to the Roush Supercharger kit. You can also get this kit from the Roush Performance dealers around the country to make sure you can have the one item that will boost your car and give you the upgraded feel and qualities you want on the track. As an example of innovation and the partnership between these two companies, this new item will certainly make your Mustang a lot more fun for you on the road and on the track.

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