Are You Ready for a Super Car

Are You Ready for a Super Car?

If you are one of the folks who have the ability to spend well into the six figures of price for a supercar that you’ll want to drive, there are a few you can consider making the driving fun for you on the tracks that you’ll take the car. A supercar that you take out to the track can be perfect to show off and when you do drive down the roads you can expect many people to take a look and stare at what you’re riding in as they wonder who you are. Here are a few of the supercars you can consider for your exotic and fun drive.
Ferrari 488 GTB – This is a car that has the power you want with the 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 engine that makes 661 horsepower and can reach 124 mph in just a little over eight seconds. This is a car that’s smooth, elegant, aggressive, sophisticated, and dynamic all at the same time. You’re going to be completely amazed by the drive when you get behind the wheel and head out on the track in this gorgeous car that’s right for you to drive.
McLaren 570GT – As a modern road car that can also be a fantastic track performer, the 570GT is a car you won’t mind driving on a daily basis. This car has a small footprint and a carbon fiber tub to reduce the weight to a minimum. This brute gives you 562 horsepower and can rip off the quick laps and times you’re looking for. There’s a ton of personality in the build and look of this car that offers you an amazing drive wherever you want to go when you’re ready to have a supercar that has a true racing background.
Audi R8 – As it transforms into a car that looks more and more like it should wear a charging bull on the front of it, the R8 is a car that offers a gorgeous appearance and is admired around the world for what it brings for the drive. This car is able to be powered by a V10 that has 610 horsepower for the drive that can be made to the top speed of 205 mph. While most Audi models are subdued, the R8 is everything else the brand offers the supercar excess you want for the ride.
Lamborghini Huracan – You’re going to want to get in and take this car for a drive, even if all you do is make a test drive in this amazing supercar. This is a car that sets records, rips off fast laps, has the technology you want, and continues to be powered by a strong naturally aspirated V12 engine that sounds and feels amazing. As the supercar you’ll want to drive, you’ll find a few different choices that you can make for the Huracan that will give you the most exciting drive on the tracks that you want to tackle each week.

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