The New VW is Getting Closer

The New VW is Getting Closer

We’ve seen several concepts of what the new Volkswagen MEB platform will produce over the next several years. With the goal of offering us a full range of EV models that will be offered for the drive, the newest and most anticipated model we’ll see is the I. D. Crozz. First shown before the Frankfurt Motor Show, the goal for VW is to offer this model on the road by 2020 but now we’ve seen the newest concept version of this car in order to give us the look and feel we want.
The new I. D. Crozz II, which is what the newest concept is being called, is much closer to what Tesla offers on the market because the OS of the car will be able to be updated with over the air software updates that can be sent out. This isn’t where the impressive qualities of this new crossover SUV end though, this is a vehicle that will absolutely have everything needed to be one of the newest models that we want to drive and enjoy out on the roads. Let’s take a look at what else this new SUV will offer.

What is the I. D. Crozz II?

This small crossover SUV has been shown as a concept model and it brings in thin, sharp eye-shaped headlights and a bar of lights that show up between them. There is another light bar in the rear to show a red bar that brings the taillights together. There is black cladding around the vehicle to give this vehicle a sporty and rugged look that you’re going to want to have on the road. This is a small crossover that appears to be one that may be able to eventually head out on the trails in the area.
When used in its fully-autonomous mode the I. D. Crozz II has a steering wheel that will tuck into the dash for the drive. The wheel is also a controller for the infotainment system to make sure you can see the inputs show up on the 10.2-inch screen in the middle of the dashboard for an integrated and engaging way to enjoy the drive. Two electric motors drive the wheels of this concept and make it possible for the drive to be enjoyable with the AWD that you’ll have the right way to experience a high-quality drive on the road.
There is a balanced weight distribution with this new model that will be offered by 2020. In addition, the new I. D. Crozz II is expected to have a range of at least 310 miles and be able to use a fast charging system to bring the battery back up to 80 percent in only thirty minutes. We’ll certainly continue to look forward to this futuristic model which will be made to give us the driving experience that we’ve talked about and imagined for the past couple years but have yet to experience from inside the cabin.

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