New Mazda Production

Is The New Mazda in Production

While it’s not an inevitability that Mazda will bring us the next version in the lineup of the RX sports cars from Mazda and this lineup could end with the RX-8, everything we see tells us the next model is coming but there hasn’t been any news from Mazda recently. It’s been a little while since the RX-Vision Concept made its way across the stage but nothing has happened to further emphasize the desire to have a new sports car model offered at the top of the lineup from Mazda to continue the excellence of the RX line.

A Hint at Something More

We’ve followed patent filings in the past and discussed what it means when a car company files for a specific set of names or the design offered for a vehicle. Even though there isn’t anything that shows us the new RX-9 will even be offered, Mazda filed for a patent for a part of a car that would need to be designed specifically for a car that’s low-slung, which suggests a sports car built to stay low to the ground, offering the performance and qualities we want to enjoy on the road and on the track.

For most sports cars that are built to head out to the track, the doors are built to make sure they will clear the standard curb heights in a market. While the winged doors of higher priced cars are attractive to look at and a lot of fun to experience, these doors have a purpose. The purpose of these doors is to clear the curbs and ensure the car doesn’t get damaged every time you park the car next to a curb and get out to go into a store or complete your arrival at an event.

The Mazda filing is this simple. The patent that’s been filed recently is for a door design that will be operated by using something different from what’s been found in some of the other models on the market. Many cars use a gas strut, but these are large scale and heavy and the consideration of coil springs has been discussed, but the patent filed shows a solution being used as allowing a torsion bar as the right way to hold the door up and in place when it’s opened. As simple as this filing is, it gives us hope that the new RX-9 from Mazda could be on its way.

When Would We See It?

The Tokyo Motor Show is still a couple months away and is scheduled for the end of October. If we’re going to have any hope of seeing a new Mazda RX-9 in concept form this would be the likely place for it to be revealed. So far, we have no information to warrant the hope we might have and certainly don’t know if Mazda will bring anything to this show to give us a look, but we can certainly hope and pray they do.

If the Mazda brand wasn’t building a new sports car, why would they file the patent for a new door style? This is question enough to make use think that we’ll see a new sports car from this brand in the near future, we’re just not sure exactly when that will take place.

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