2018 Chevrolet Equinox

The New Chevrolet Equinox Model is Paying Off

Whenever a car brand brings in a new model or an upgraded version for a new generation there is a bit of trepidation as to whether or not the new model will sell as well as expected. This apprehensive feeling is compounded even more when the model that’s been upgraded has been a strong performer on the market for several years. The old advice of “don’t fix what’s not broken” doesn’t always work in the automotive industry, especially with changing technology and regulations. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important for a vehicle to be upgraded and improved regularly.

One of the most recent models to reach to a new generation is the 2018 version of the Chevrolet Equinox. This has been one of the most impressive and best-selling models offered in the Chevrolet lineup as the small SUV that many people have enjoyed driving on the roads. This new generation model is one that gives you a variety of trims to choose from and has been built on a platform that’s a bit smaller than in the past but it is still offered with the same interior comfort and size for you to have the ride quality and drive you want to enjoy.

The Sales Success Continues

This new version of the Equinox is one that has posted excellent sales since it came to the market in August and continues to lead the way with improved sales over the previous model for September and October as well. With the number of sales the Equinox has posted so far, this new model has made its way to fourth in the segment in terms of volume. These sales results are impressive, especially when you consider the plant that makes most of the Equinox models was on strike for three weeks recently.
In the US, the sales for October of the Equinox came in at 25,272 models which is an increase of nearly 29 percent compared to the previous generation model and the sales for October of 2016 which was 19,664. For the 2017 model year the retail sales along had an increase of 22 percent for the models sold in the US. In Canada the October sales weren’t quite as strong with a decrease of two percent to a total of 1,622 models sold. Even though we saw a drop in sales for this one month, the year-to-date sales show an increase of 34 percent to offer a total of 20,657 models so far this year.
There are at least three factors that have contributed to the success of what we’ve seen so far for the Equinox. This new model is in high demand and is part of a growing crossover segment that is going to be able to capitalize on the growing demand for small SUVs. Finally, the sales in October of last year were somewhat sluggish in the US compared to other months in order to result in a stronger year-over-year performance for the sales we’ve seen for last month.

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