More Players in the Game

More Players in the Game

While the Nissan Leaf has been the most affordable EV model on the market for several years, the need to have more brands get into the EV market to make it more relevant was evident from the beginning.  Tesla joined the fray and brought us a fantastic luxury lineup that makes it easy for us to have the driving experience we wanted and the range desired in a luxury model that was built for the high-performance luxury market.  With the performance the Model S has shown us over the years other automakers have had to take notice and now need to work to keep up with what Tesla brings to the market.

Over the course of the last couple years we’ve seen more EV models show up and now we have the Chevy Bolt that adds to the EV discussion on the affordable side of things with the Tesla Model 3 coming in the next couple months.  At the luxury levels, the addition of the Model X proved Tesla could be built and put their technology into a high-performance crossover SUV and they’ve added more to the Model S over the past couple years to bring more power and speed to this car.

Other automakers have taken notice of this change by Tesla and one that has stated they will offer us an EV model in the near future is BMW.  The 3-Series, which may be the small sedan in the lineup but is certainly considered a flagship model, is going to be on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September as an EV model.  This could be the direct competition for Tesla in the luxury market that we need to have and have looked for over the time that Tesla has been offering their luxury line.

The reports tell us the new 3-Series EV will have a range of 248 miles from a full charge in order to compete or exceed some of the other models already on the market and ones the area coming.  This new model EV will also compete with the Model 3 from Tesla when it comes to the price offered, making this a great choice for you to have that could be what you’re after instead of the Model 3 or the Chevy Bolt.  If BMW is ready to have this car be offered to us and will make it to the market in the next year or two for us to enjoy the quality driving we want.

The wait is on for us to see what will be presented by BMW in the form of an EV model of the 3-Series that can be perfect for you on the road when it does make its way to the market.  I for one certainly look forward to seeing what will be offered in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show and look forward to more brands entering the market and giving us a range of EV models to choose from in competition with what we currently have.  What started with the simple Nissan Leaf is growing and becoming more than what we ever expected it to be.


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