04.25.17 - Rolls-Royce Wraith

Honoring with a Special Edition

How do you want to be remembered? Do you want a statue or airport in your honor? Maybe you’d like to have a stadium or building put on a campus with your name on it, or you could put your name on a highway. No matter how you want to be honored and thought about for at least the time the structure or location that’s made with your name on it can last and be admired by many who see it and want to enjoy what’s been built with you in mind, but what if there was another solution?

Another way to be honored and have many see and enjoy what’s been built with your name on it is to have a vehicle that carries something that honors you in some way. There have been many special edition models that have been built over the years to honor the names of those that have helped to pioneer those who have made impressive contributions to the automotive world. These contributors have earned the right to be honored with a car that bears their name and shows off some of the features they helped to create and develop, but what if you’re in a different business.

Rolls-Royce, the absolute top brand in the automotive industry in the world, has decided it’s time to honor some special people with editions for them that will bear their name and offer us a great way to think about those that are the best in their business. these new special edition models will be the Wraith that’s built to give us a collection of nine “Inspired by British Music” editions to show off for us. Each of these new Wraith models offers a collection of unique design features that show off the career of the British rock and pop legends they are named for.

Four of these new models were revealed at the Sanderson Hotel in Fitzroia, London with the artists present as well. The four that were shown off depict the work from The Who, the Kinks, and the son of Sir George Martin, Giles Martin. For The Who, frontman Roger Daltrey CBE was present and Sir Ray Davies from The Kinks. These cars were amazing with the look and feel that was chosen to show off the success and careers of these artists, songwriters and producers that made British music great.

A portion of the value of each of these Rolls-Royce models will be donated to the charities that have been chosen by the artist. Other Wraith models that will be shown later in the year include models that will honor Dame Shirley Bassey, Francis Rossi OBE of Status Quo and Ronnie Wood. The masterpiece that is Rolls-Royce and the Wraith model make it easy to see how these special edition cars can be the rolling honoring of the artists they are named for. As Rolls-Royce continues to be the name that signifies the absolute pinnacle of excellence in the automotive world we can expect to see more of these special edition models that celebrate a variety of British accomplishments over the years.

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