Ford Expedition

Go Farther in the Expedition

For many years the Ford Expedition has been a large SUV that has the power and performance we’ve enjoyed and admired. This brute can tow a boat, haul a trailer, carry the load of cargo or people and get things done. The only aspect of the Expedition that we haven’t seen has been an off-road package for this SUV. Sure, you’ve always been able to order this SUV with 4WD or AWD depending on the generation and the trim, but a full package of off-road stuff hasn’t been present until this new 2018 model year.

For the 2018 Ford Expedition, we’ll see more of what we want on this impressive SUV and be presented with a new trim that adds the FX4 Off-Road package that we want. The addition of this package will make this the most capable Expedition to date and one that makes it easier than ever for you to take on the wilderness and the trails and know the vehicle has the right equipment for the job. As a name that’s been on the F-150 in the past, it’s great to see the FX4 name moving to this SUV that we’ve trusted for the expeditions and adventures we’ve enjoyed.

One of the most important aspects of this new FX4 package for 2018 is the patented electronic limited-slip rear differential. This e-diff, as it’s sometimes referred to, offers an improvement in grip when driving in areas that offer very little traction. This system distributes the power to the wheels where power is needed to make sure the vehicle can keep on moving and avoid wheel spin. This also helps to improve the towing abilities of the Expedition, which means you can haul more stuff to the location you’re headed and have an easier time getting done what you need to.

Other aspects of this new FX4 package include off-road-tuned shocks, all-terrain tires that have thicker sidewalls, 18-inch Magnetic Metallic cast aluminum wheels which will only be used on the Expedition, chrome running boards, FX4 badging, new rubber floor liners, a variety of seven different skid plates that are able to protect the underside of the vehicle including the engine, transmission, transfer cars and fuel tank, and a sand shield which will help keep debris out of the turbochargers and the intercoolers. These components are added so that you can take your new Expedition wherever you want to go out on the trails and on an adventure.

When you consider the new 2018 Ford Expedition FX4, you’ll not only get a massive trail rider that can handle anything, but you’ll still enjoy the benefits of the Terrain Management System that allows you to adapt to changing driving conditions with modes for normal driving and for grass, gravel, snow, sport eco and towing. This new trim is what we’ve needed to ensure we can have the off-road performance that we’ve been looking for. This big brute will be at dealerships in the fall, just in time for you to take some autumn mountain rides.

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