03.03.17 - Genesis G80

The Genesis G80 is Bucking the Trends

The idea of affordability when it comes to a luxury brand is laughable for those who have spent their entire lifetimes driving cars that cost more than they should just because someone slapped a particular name on the vehicle. Genesis has decided this is not the way cars should be sold and has a different style of car shopping for those looking for a great luxury vehicle with tons of equipment inside while coming in at a relatively affordable price for anyone to enjoy the ride and have the model that makes the most sense to them.

If you’re wondering where the Genesis G80 came from take a look back a couple years at the Hyundai Genesis and you’ll find the roots. This car and the more luxurious Equus sedan were brought to a change from being luxury sedans that offered dynamic rides and luxury features under a brand known for low prices and value features and became the new luxury brand of Genesis. This has given us two great models to discuss and enjoy on the market that offer us the ride and quality we want as the Genesis brand sets its sights high on challenging the likes of Mercedes-Benz for top billing.

Right now what you get when you choose the G80 as the model you want to drive is a luxury oriented car that’s full of great features for you that starts with a 3.8-liter V6 engine that produces 311 horsepower at the base mode. You can upgrade and have a 5.0-liter V8 which brings in 420 horsepower if you’re looking for more power form under the hood. Both engines are mated to an impressive eight-speed automatic transmission and the V6 can be had with AWD to give you even better ride control on the road.

There are some items you can add to this model to make it even more enjoyable. Some of these items include a dual panel sunroof, an improved audio system, ventilation for the front eats, an LCD instrument panel, parking sensors, a rearview camera, fog lights, rear window shades, leather upholstery, additional driver’s seat adjustment positions, wood and metal trim, a color head up display, a 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a power operated trunklid, a dual climate control system up front and more. These are the options you can choose from and they’re packaged up to give you a generous number of them at the right price points for you.

As for the comfort and design, the G80 is a gorgeous car to drive. You’ll love the long lines the long front end and the cabin that looks like it’s been set back to give you the luxury look you desire. This is a car that appears to be perfect for every driver and one that makes it fun for you to sit back and just drive. You’ll be able to whip this car around the curves on the road and even take it on a long road trip and feel perfectly comfortable.

Is the Genesis G80 the right car for you to drive? It certainly can be. If you admired the Hyundai Genesis in the past this is an easy transition and if you’re after a great midsized luxury sedan that looks sleek and stylish while adding an air of sophistication and elegance to the road, this is the vehicle for you. The biggest benefit you’ll have with this Genesis G80 model is the fact it offers you a great ride with the price that’s much more affordable than the other luxury brands on the market, making it the smart choice for your luxury driving enjoyment.

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