03.08.17 - Volkswagen eLabs

Educational Opportunities Created by Volkswagen

When your kids head off to school each day you want them to be able to enjoy the best educational experience available to them in the area you live in. Depending on where you live this could be as extensive as advanced technology or as simple as a program that advances the learning of your children. You want to trust the teachers and community your children enter into with teaching them more about the future of the world and what that might look like. in one area of the country, the students are able to experience that future hands on.

Would you like your kids to be able to study robotics, work with 3D printers and enjoy the experience of programmable microcomputers? If so, you might want to live in the Chattanooga, TN area because students in Hamilton County middle and high schools are going to be able to learn using these new and advanced technologies. Thanks to the newly established program by Volkswagen in the area, students in this school district will have the advantages of the technology desired for the future of learning that will become the right educational programs for these students to understand and enjoy with a look toward the future.

These new labs will be called the Volkswagen eLabs. Volkswagen has established a fund of at least $1 million to fund the program and create the exciting learning experience for the students in these schools. This fund and this program will offer at least fifteen laps that will be established with the partnership from the Public Education Foundation which helps to provide training, research, and resources for teachers and administrators in the Hamilton Country area. This effort will ensure a continued commitment to these schools and bring in the additional progress desired for the students to grow and learn with a hands-on approach.

Over the past ten years, Volkswagen has continually invested in the state of Tennessee and has recently brought the production of the new Volkswagen Atlas to the state to add to the work being performed at the Chattanooga plant in the state. This venture into the schools helps to solidify the programs being offered in Tennessee and show that Volkswagen is committed to the development of the education of the future generations of growing minds in Tennessee. By offering these programs more students can take advantage of the foundation of helping students express their interests through the use of these programs.

In order to have the Volkswagen eLab offered in a school, there will need to be a team of teacher identified that are committed to the time and skills to use the technology being offered. Each principal will also have to be personally committed to the program and be able to offer the focus and desire needed to be a great way to teach students the information needed for these aspects of learning. With the help of these eLabs, Hamilton County will become a hub of technology education for the future.

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