eBay Goes Beyond Speciality Vehicles

In the early days of eBay Motors, there was a tendency for dealers to only post the “special” vehicles they received in inventory. If they got a 1983 DeLorean as a trade, that would go on eBay, but the F-150s they had in inventory didn’t have a place on eBay… or so we thought. The data points to a completely different picture.

A recent analysis performed for us by inventory posting company LotVantage points to new reality in the world of eBay Motors posting. I highlighted the word “new” because it’s actually just new to us. Apparently, there are plenty of dealers and individuals finding success posting a wide variety of cars, even ones that aren’t “special,” on eBay Motors.

Thanks to a new upgrade of the company’s dashboard, we’re able to dive deeper into the numbers that drive the popular automotive auction venue. Contrary to popular beliefs, cars that were once considered (by some of us) to be too common for eBay are actually very popular searches on the site. Consumers love the wide selection available through eBay, whether they’re looking for the exact right vehicle from across the country or a local vehicle in inventory that they can explore in-depth through the robust features that eBay offers.

There’s another aspect of eBay Motors that is appealing to consumers. It’s a safe transaction. The internet has given rise to the idea that there are people out to get us. Online transactions, convenient as they are, can be worrisome. With eBay Motors, consumers have the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted source. In a world where Target and Home Depot are getting hit by hackers, eBay stands as one of the safest ways to perform an online transaction. It isn’t even just the hacking threat, either. eBay has been very good at siding with consumers during transactions that didn’t go as planned. In the world of buying cars online, something that is getting more and more popular, the safety that eBay offers to consumers on this regard is very compelling.

Dealers and individuals don’t have to wait around for the exact right car to come into their possession before going to eBay. They can sell just about any vehicle they own on the auction site.

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