Craziness in the Snow

Craziness in the Snow

At this time of the year, many of us think about the warm weather and the only thought we have of snow is a snow-cone we could buy at the concession stand at games and pools around the country. To give you a look at some crazy driving that can take place in the snow, the Red Bull sponsored Kamaz 4326 took to the snow-covered areas of Russia to show off what this awesome vehicle can do and how quickly it can become a model of performance in an area that you might not expect it to do as well as it does.

The Kamaz 4326 is a 20,000-pound truck that has more under the hood than what you would ever expect. This nearly tank sized vehicle carries in 1,000 horsepower and uses a 16.2-liter turbocharged diesel V8 engine with 16 forward gears and the torque that is enough to pull a building down to the ground. This truck won the Dakar rally in January and is one of the most admired trucks in that particular racing circuit to be the one that gives us a great look at what a beast with enough power can do.

The video you see below is the promotional video released by Red Bull to be a great way to for the company to advertise what it’s after. The Kamaz was driving by Eduard Nikoleav who won the Dakar Rally in 2013 and from the looks of things had a lot of fun behind the wheel of this big beast out on the snow-covered area of Russia. What this truck did in this area was amazing and something you just have to see in the video below in which you’ll see what this awesome truck is capable of and how it handles the challenge.

In order for this truck to clear that area and rise above the snow the way it does, this big brute needed to be able to make use of the suspension travel offered and the huge spiked ice tires on this brute. The suspension offers 11.8 inches of travel and the capability of jumping over the snow drifts and launching into the air without damaging this impressive truck. You’ll be amazed at what you see in this video and enjoy the height this beautiful truck can head up into the air in order to be a truck that can handle the fun.

Out in Russia, this Red Bull team enjoyed some cold air, some snow drifts and a big beast being launched into the air. This had to be a lot of fun for the driver and the team and certainly is an awesome display of what we can do with the right equipment. On those hot summer days, think about this big brute flying over those snowdrifts to keep yourself cool as you remember this Red Bull truck out on the cold area showing off what its capable of as it launched off the road and into the air.

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