Convenience Stores Are More than You Think

Convenience Stores Are More than You Think

While you might head to a gas station that has a convenience store and pay at the pump for gas and then head off thinking the price of gas is getting to be awful or wonder how one store can offer prices that are much lower than others, the reality is the gas isn’t where the money is. In fact, when you pump gas into your vehicle the owner of the store is probably making about five cents per gallon and if the price of gas has recently dropped, they might even take a loss on fuel.

Where is the Money Made?

With that in mind, the question comes to mind to make us wonder where a convenience store makes its money. They make more of their money on the inside of the store with the items you want to buy for a snack on the road or the small trinket that will make your driving more enjoyable. These places used to be well-known in their community as a corner staple and the right place for many to shop and get their items, but that time has become a thing of the past over several years.

While many of us love the fact that all gas stations now require a credit card reader at the pumps to make it possible for you to pump, pay and go, this has hurt the owners of these stations. There isn’t as much human interaction without customers coming in and also the lack of a thought to buy some of the items offered in the store. These stores are a cornucopia of excellent ways to enjoy your drive on the road and have what you need, but if all you do is a pump, pay and go, you won’t ever see what’s being offered.

When you stop in at a minimart or other convenience store that has a gas station you can enjoy the benefit of a public restroom, grab a fountain soda, a rolling cooked hot dog, find some of the most interesting beer caves or grab a few snacks to keep you satiated for the next few years. There is a lot to the side of the road convenience store that you’ll find and enjoy, especially when you head out on a road trip and see what these little stores have to offer you.

In that past, there was more human interaction and the owner of your corner convenience store knew who you were or who your kids were because you would send them in for a quart of milk or a carton of eggs. Now, these stores are still popular, but mostly for a quick bite on the way to our destination. There are those that still enjoy stopping at a convenience store to partake in what’s being offered. If you’re heading out on a road trip this summer, make sure you take the time while your tank is filling up to stop in and check out what the store has for you to enjoy an offering that gives something unique from these stores made for your convenience.

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