The Civic You Know and Love

The Civic You Know and Love

The Honda Civic has been a car that you’ve loved to drive and experience over the past several decades and it is the compact model that allows you to have an amazing ride wherever you need to go. As this car makes its way to the tenth generation for us to experience an amazing drive, the Civic for the 2018 model year has been upgraded to give you more of what you want for the ride. If you’re looking for a model that will give you what you want, take a look at a few pros and cons for the drive.


Engine Choices – There are several ways you can have the power you’re looking for when you want to make the drive you need to in this car. There is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that gives you 158 horsepower, a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that gives you 174 horsepower or it can be tuned up to 205 horsepower in the Si model. At the top of the engine list is the 2.0-liter turbo four that gives you 306 ponies in the Type R for the fun you want.

Comfort for the Ride – The interior of the Honda Civic is made to be a place you’ll find the materials and comfort you’re looking for. You’ll love what you see no matter the trim level chose and be able to experience a ride that’s impressive. This is a car that can even be had with heated seats for you to have the ride you want on the roads.

Technology – The Civic is offered with the Honda Sensing package as an option for every trim level to give you the driver assistance features you want for the ride. These features include lane keeping assist, forward collision warnings, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control to allow you the benefit of these qualities that you’ll want to take advantage of when you drive.

Perfection on the Road – This car can get out on the road and feel right for you to have the drive you want and experience what comfort and a smooth ride are when they come together. You can push this car and enjoy what it offers you without the need to worry about the challenges of understeer that could happen to be part of most other cars in this class.

Several Body Styles – There are three different body styles for the Honda Civic, which is something you don’t often see in a car of this quality and price. The choices you can make include a coupe, a sedan and a hatchback to have the look and feel you want when it’s time to get out on the road and have the experience you need on a daily basis.

Reliability – Over the history of the Honda Civic we’ve seen this car be one that continuously offers us the reliability and qualities we want. You know when you own the Civic that you’re going to be able to have a car that will give you the drive you’re looking for and get you where you need to go every single day.


Polarizing Style – You might love the style of the new Civic, but if you’re looking for a car that looks like all the rest, this won’t be the one. Take a look at it and make the decision that’s right for you when you want a car that can give you the drive you’re looking for. This is one reason you check out a car before you ever decide on what you want to buy.

Infotainment System – This infotainment system isn’t intuitive like some of the others on the market and it will take you a few minutes to figure out how to make use of this touchscreen system when you want to drive. Take some time to learn what the system offers so that you can make use of what you need to when you want to be connected on the road.

Option Pricing – While the Honda Civic is certainly an affordable small car you can drive, as you move up the trim levels and add more options to it, the price will increase quite a bit. Make sure you’re prepared for this if you’re looking for one of the top models of the Civic. Those higher trims are certainly worth the added cost you’ll pay.

Ubiquitous – Do you want to stand out on the road? If so, this is a popular model that won’t make that happen for you. This is one of the most popular cars on the market and it will be everywhere you look, especially once you’ve purchased this car for your drive. Don’t worry, your Civic can be all yours and you can certainly enjoy the ride.

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