Lincoln is the Navigator L

Bigger and Better

April brought us the new Lincoln Navigator which will be part of the 2018 model year and now that we’ve had a chance to digest what this new model from Lincoln at the top of its SUV lineup is, they have chosen to show us another. This new model isn’t a different model altogether, but a Lincoln model that we expect to be able to enjoy and drive on the road. The new SUV is going to be the one that is at the extreme top of the lineup and it gives us more of what we want.

The new SUV from Lincoln is the Navigator L which has made its debut just a few days ago. This is and has been the longest model from Lincoln for many years and it is a fantastic way to let us see what the 2018 model year will bring to the market for us to admire and enjoy out on the road with a big SUV. This big brute is a full foot longer than the standard wheelbase in order to give you the size you need and a set of second-row doors that are larger than in the regular model.

In addition to these larger doors that allow you to have better ingress and egress for the SUV, you’ll enjoy the extra storage space that’s found on the floor behind the third row of seats. This extra space adds more to the huge cargo capacity of the SUV and makes it one that is a big beast to enjoy on the road. The brand showed off the Navigator L in the top end Black Label trim, but it now will show off an even higher trim that will give usNavigator L more to enjoy in a Lincoln than what we’ve had in the past.

The new trim is called the Black Label Destination trim and it offers you a travel theme for the interior that brings in the inspiration from vintage luggage to feature Mahogany Red Venetian leather seats, a diamond weave stitching, and Khaya wood laser-etched trim pieces. There will be other trims that will be offered their own version of this trim line and will be called the Yacht and Chalet to give you the feeling of the ultra-luxury that comes with having the Lincoln Navigator, especially the Navigator L which is much more posh and impressive than you might expect.

As you would expect, this large SUV will offer the Lincoln Concierge services as a standard part of the features to allow you to enjoy the pickup and delivery of your Lincoln Navigator L when you need a regular service performed. While we don’t yet know the pricing of this new SUV, you can expect them to come in priced higher than the typical Navigator as this longer and a larger version is one that brings you more high-class features than the standard version of the Navigator. This will be an SUV that will be an impressive drive if this is the one you’re looking to have on the road.

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