2018 Honda Civic: The Compact You’re Sure to Enjoy

2018 Honda Civic: The Compact You’re Sure to Enjoy

If you thought a compact sedan was one that offered you little for the drive but brought you a low price you’re going to be pleasantly impressed with the features, the look and the quality offered by the Honda Civic. This car is one that offers you the drive you’re looking for along with the safety items that make it a Top Safety Pick to ensure you’ll have a car that can offer you the drive and quality you want while you experience a higher level of excellence at a low price.

The Honda Civic has been a compact car that we’ve loved for many years with the impressive features and qualities that offer us a fuel efficient drive and the reliable performance we want. This car works well as a family sedan and it can be the right choice for you to experience the drive you want whether you choose the base model or move to the fire-breathing monster of the Type R hatchback which has become one of the most anticipated and admired hot hatches on the market. This car is stylish and impressive to make sure you can have the drive and quality you’re after.

Because the Honda Civic has been upgraded for the 2017 model year with the hatchback body style and brought us the high-performance Type R that has been added to the lineup, there aren’t any changes that have been made for the 2018 model year. You’re going to want to get inside this car and take it for a ride to feel the engaged performance and impressive quality that come with the car being one that you can feel comfortable driving and know it will give you back everything you’re putting to it.

What You’ll Find in the Civic

When you want to make the Honda Civic the right choice for you, start at the bottom of the lineup with the LX model. This model offers you automatic climate controls, a rearview camera, folding rear seats, a four-speaker audio system, a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, and a five-inch screen. Move up to the EX model and you’re going to add a standard automatic transmission, a remote engine starter, a moonroof, a 60/40 split folding rear seat, an upgraded infotainment system, a seven-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto to give you the added technology you want to enjoy.

Continue to move up the lineup of models you can choose for the Civic you’ll see the EX-T which is able to offer you a turbocharged engine under the hood. Other items you’ll be able to enjoy for the model you want to experience on the road with this car includes items such as leather upholstery, heated front and rear seats, a navigation system, the Honda LaneWatch blind spot monitoring system, a power driver’s seat, dual-zone automatic climate control, and much more. If you want incredible performance you’ll want to look toward the Si and Type R models to have the fun you want in a Civic that can be taken to the track.

Powering the Civic You Drive

The version of the Honda Civic you want to enjoy on the road will be powered by one of four engines to make the car perform right for you. The base engine is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that has 158 horsepower. The upgraded 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine has a variety of power levels based on the trim chosen. The power pair has impressive engines as well with the Si using a 1.5-liter turbo four that have 205 horsepower and the Type R uses a 2.0-liter turbo four that gives you 306 horsepower for the highest power level you’ll find for this car.

While the Civic is a name you know and you’ve been able to admire this car for many years, you need to visit your nearby Honda dealer to see if this is the right car for you. Check out the different trim levels and qualities that are offered to make sure you can have the drive you want to enjoy out on the roads in your area. This car is one that will allow you to have the drive you want at a price that’s easy to afford, proving that compact cars don’t have to be boring at all.

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